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About me

A California native living in Paris, Normie’s founder and managing director, Norma Galan Bran has been unofficially planning events for years. Starting in Madrid where she’d seek out the coolest new restaurants, bars and cafes for friend’s birthday parties or group gatherings, she quickly had an overwhelming amount of people coming to her to source venues for all kinds of different events.

When birthday parties and work dinners turned into weddings and baptisms, Norma quickly realized she had a passion — and a real talent — for this style of work. She moved on to organize weddings for her closest friends, as well as her own. After a move to Paris evoked her fervour for event planning even more, she finally decided to launch her own wedding planner business. Voilá: Normie – Weddings à la française was born.

While Norma’s focus, impeccable taste and attention to detail make her a dream to work with, it’s her poise and friendly personality that will immediately put you at ease. Plus, she speaks your language. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, she can successfully communicate with the bride/groom, vendors and wedding guests.