A Madrileño wedding

A few metros stops away from the heart of Madrid stands a beautiful historical building with views of the capital. L & J knew this would be the ideal place for their wedding, as their relationship started in the beautiful city of Madrid.

L & J wanted their guests to have a true Spanish experience, so festivities began a week before the big day. Guests enjoyed cultural activities such as a day trip to Toledo, a flamenco show, and a tapas crawl!

On the big day, the bride and groom arrived to the venue in style, pulling up in a vintage car. After a moving bilingual ceremony, the cocktail hour began, with traditional Spanish cuisine, a personal ham cutter, and cava. Dinner began after sun down, with guests lively chanting in Spanish in honor of the L & J. The bride and groom’s first dance was an amazing salsa performance that opened up the dance floor! In good Spanish fashion, the party went until 6 a.m.!

The next day, L & J hosted the last event of the week, a tapas dinner at the groom’s local hangout. A typical Madrileño wedding week for guests and L & J to remember!


Abdel Abdulai
David Nyanzi
Rowben Lantion


15 June 2018